Students Visualize the Bullying Scenario

10 Jan

Munro is bullied by Roland

Munro is bullied by Roland

The Beech Nut of Big Water Beach Novel Study and Anti-Bullying Guide begins with a reading of the first chapter of the novel.

In this chapter, the main character, Munro McLean, a twelve year old boy, goes over three memories that he calls Bad Movie Number One, Two, and Three. In Bad Movie Number One, Munro is bullied by the Grade Five bully, Roland.

To start students’ immersions into the anti-bullying program, I draw a cartoon on the board of Munro being tossed around by Roland. In this photo, you can see the cartoon that I draw for students on the board that they can follow when they create their own illustrations of this scene. (This illustration is included in the Anti-Bullying Package for teachers). Some of the inventive titles students have thought up for this cartoon are: Roland’s Play Day; The Bully-Go-Round, Bully Ball; The Circle of the Day.

When students create their own drawings of Munro being thrown around by Roland while other class members laugh, they visualize and make concrete for themselves the terms bully, bullied, and bystander. Furthermore, many students have been present in such bullying scenarios, where the bully leads and others follow with varying degrees of involvement, from that of an active participant to just not wanting to get involved.

In the next blog entry, you can see what the students produced!


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