The Beech Nut of Big Water Beach Novel Study and Anti-Bullying Guide in Action: Student Art and Letters

24 Jan
Jack of the Tarantulas and Cigarettes, by student C.J. at R.B. Russell High School

Jack of the Tarantulas and Cigarettes, by student C.J. at R.B. Russell High School

Dear Margaret Shaw Mackinnon,

Hello. I am R. F. from Scott Bateman Middle School. And I liked it when you came and visited and we got to become a character and [I got to] do the sheet on Al. I had fun reading the book.

I like the book because it was good and it taught me to not be future bully. I also liked when you came and visited us because we got to see the person that wrote the book. And [you] read to us in person. It was cool. I also liked the part when the kids all became friends and they didn’t bully each other. And the part where Munro met up with Jack and he was walking after him and Munro was trying to run away.

I feel like I liked the book because overall it is about trying to stop bullying. And to just be yourself and if [someone is] a friend to you, then don’t let someone else tell you they are not cool.

From R.F.

December 11, 2012

Dear R. F.,
Thank you for your wonderful letter! I was so pleased to know that you liked doing the character sheet on Al. He is a really good character to study, and I’m glad that you had the chance to get to know a character in depth.

You made me very happy when you told me that my book taught you not to be a future bully. The more we understand about bullying, the better our world will be! We can all be creative, not destructive, even if it’s difficult at times.

I like meeting authors who write books too! I know exactly what you mean about that! I’m so pleased that your class finished the whole book and that you liked the fact that the kids in the book stopped bullying and became friends. I had fun writing the part where Munro dreams that Jack is chasing him, so I’m glad you liked that part.

I felt that it was very special that you understood that we need to stop bullying, and to stand up for our friends.

Best wishes,
Margaret Shaw-MacKinnon


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