Another Thoughtful Student Letter

5 Feb
Munro, The Beech Nut, Alison, Al, Mike, Dean

Munro, The Beech Nut, Alison, Al, Mike, Dean

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Dear Margaret Shaw-Mackinnon,

Hi, my name is R. and I’m from Scott Bateman Middle School in Mr. Popiel’s class. I’m writing you a letter to you because I wanted to thank you from coming into our class and teaching us a valuable lesson about bullying. Also I wanted to tell you that we finished The Beech Nut book!!!! I really liked it and what it’s about!

I really liked your visit with us because you read to us and gave us activities to do. I really liked how you taught us a valuable lesson on bullying and why we shouldn’t be a bully and I also really liked the Beech Nut book!! I really liked the book! It’s about friends lying to each other because they think they won’t accept them but they do accept them for who they are! My favorite character is Alison because when Munro bullied her, she just stuck up for herself. My favorite part of the book is around the end when everyone becomes friends with Alison and The Beech Nut.

I really liked how the book told me just to be myself, regardless of what other people think, and don’t be a bully. You shouldn’t hurt other people’s feeling just because your feelings are hurt by someone else. I was bullied before and it really hurt. They called me names and talked about me behind my back. Soon she stopped and apologized and we became good friends. So again, I just wanted to thank you for writing an awesome story and coming to our class.


December 11, 2012
Dear R.,

Thank you for your kind letter about my visit to Scott Bateman Middle School and about your enjoyment in reading The Beech Nut of Big Water Beach. I’m glad you liked being read to, and that you liked the activities.

Jane, Lisa, Becky, Jack, Mr. McLean, Nicholas, Mrs. McLean

Jane, Lisa, Becky, Jack, Mr. McLean, Nicholas, Mrs. McLean

I was so pleased that you liked Alison, and noticed how she stuck up for herself. She has a lot of courage! I like the ending too, where everyone becomes friends with the Beech Nut and Alison.

You really understood the book very well, that we shouldn’t bully and we should be ourselves. It is difficult not to try to hurt others when they hurt us, but you are right, if we don’t hurt anyone, then the pattern of bullying gets broken. Also, when we get help from caring adults, we can help the bully and the person who is getting bullied. I was so sorry to hear that you were bullied and called names behind your back. How wonderful that the girl who was bullying stopped and apologized and that you became good friends! If the bullying ever happens again, you know that it’s best to try to get help with it and keep trying, for the good of all!

All the best,
Margaret Shaw-MacKinnon


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