Harry Styles is not a Character in a Book Called One Direction

12 Feb


Dear Margaret Shaw-Mackinnon,

Hi my name is P. C., and I’m [from] Scott Batman Middle School, and I love One Direction so much. My favorite is Harry Styles. I am writing to you about the book and what I like about it, so yeah. Thank you for coming to The Pas and it was nice meeting you. Thank you for a valuable lesson about bullying. I like your drawing and you should make a Part Two. P.S. I found your book. It was wonderful knowing you.

What I like about your visit was you reading to us, and I like The Beech Nut, and it was funny drawing with you. The book was good and awesome. My favorite characters were Jane and Munro. I liked Munro because he is an artist and he loves drawing like I do. And [the reason] I like Jane is because she pretty and she wanted to be nice to Alison or be her friend [even when] Lisa and Becky don’t want to be nice to Alison. A valuable lesson that I learned was about bullying and how it [feels] to people and you should never [bully] because you might be made the victim. The activities you did with the class were drawing, thinking about bullying, or drawing all the characters and what Alison dreamed about. My favorite part of the book was the end because Munro told his friends that he liked Alison, and Al and Jane were together. That was my favorite part.

My feeling about the book was that it was awesome because it was a really good book to read. I would like to read it again. Okay, this is me [about] myself. When I was in grade four, I got bullied by lots of people and teased because…I don’t know why. In grade five I was always alone. I only have like five friends to hang out with but some would ditch me for other people, and yeah, but there was that one friend that would never ditch me and that was Hope but she moved to Millville and she only comes to visit once in a while and thank you for coming to Scott Batman Middle School.

Sincerely, P. C.

December 11, 2012

Dear P. C.,

Thank you for your letter about The Beech Nut of Big Water Beach and my visit to your school! I was interested to learn that you love One Direction. I wasn’t sure what One Direction was so I looked them up on You Tube. I can see why you like them!  Harry Styles is very impressive!

I was so pleased to learn that you thought my book was good and awesome and that you wish I’d write Part Two. Your comments about Jane and Munro were great! I like the way that you noticed that Jane was not only pretty, but she was also nice in sticking up for Alison—unlike Lisa and Becky. I agree that a good part of the book is when Munro admits he likes Alison, and Al and Jane get together.

I’m so happy that you would like to read it again! You definitely should, maybe just before the summer.  I was sorry to hear that you were bullied in grade four, and that in grade five you were always alone. I was sad to learn that Hope moved to Millville and can only visit sometimes. My advice to any kids who feel lonely is to go ahead and talk to the counselor in your school. I stayed in a cottage beside her home at Clearwater Lake, when I was in The Pas, and she’s really nice! I know she’d give any kid who came to see her good ideas for getting more friends together—and good ways to do it.

All best wishes,

Margaret Shaw-MacKinnon


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