Now I Know How Not to Be a Bully!

16 Feb

Tuesday, November 13, 2012
Dear Margaret Shaw-Mackinnon,

Hello, my name is P., and I’m in Mr. Popiel’s class [at] Scott Bateman Middle School. I’m from The Pas, MB. I’m writing to you because we finished The Beech Nut! (HOORAY)!! Thank you for coming to our class. It’s cool that we got an author to come to the class. The book was really good, and now I know how not to be a bully! Thanks!

I really liked the book when Munro, Al, Dean, and Mike did that prank! It was really funny! This book is really good. It’s one of my favorite books! One valuable lesson that I learned is that I really don’t want to be a bully!!! My favorite characters are Munro, Alison, and Mike. I also liked when you drew pictures on the board. My favorite one was Alison’s nightmare because it was scary! (Sort of—ha ha!)

The book was really funny! I learned to be yourself, and don’t let anyone change who you are! I have my own experience with a bully. It’s not fun!

I hoped that you had fun like I did! Bye!


Anti-Bullying Lessons in the Classroom

Anti-Bullying Lessons in the Classroom

December 11, 2012
Dear P.,

Thank you for your letter about my visit to your school and about reading The Beech Nut of Big Water Beach. I was so glad to hear that you finished reading my book! It’s great to reach the end in a book that you enjoy, to find out what happens. I was pleased to hear that you thought the book was good and that you know how not to be a bully. That’s fantastic.

I agree that the prank was very funny. I think that it’s wonderful that The Beech Nut of Big Water Beach is one of your favorite books! Authors love to hear such positive feedback!

I was sorry to hear that you have been bullied, and that it is not fun. As I’ve said to other kids, when bullying doesn’t stop, go to a trusted adult like Mr. Popiel, or like the counselor, Mrs. M. and they can help out!

I did have fun, just like you, in coming to your class. You were all such good listeners, and enthusiastic students, and it was my pleasure to work with you!

Best wishes,
Margaret Shaw-MacKinnon


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