Celebrating PACER National Bullying Prevention Center

28 Apr

As a new feature of my blog, I will gradually add sites that highlight anti-bullying resources. My husband, Brian MacKinnon, is an anti-poverty activist who has been the Founder and Director of the Y-Not? Anti-Poverty Program for the past twelve years—a program that has enhanced the health and hope of inner city, underprivileged kids by providing youth with over 12,000 memberships to the YMCA/YWCA recreation facility.

As an anti-poverty activist and retired inner city English teacher, Brian is committed to the anti-bullying agenda; in a 2012 Winnipeg Free Press article, he noted reference to PACER, a National Bullying Prevention Center in the U.S.A., an organization with much to offer in anti-bullying consciousness-raising. Their belief is that: The End of Bullying Begins with You. Their hopeful message is that individuals can bring about change.

We can all make a difference in creating a beautiful peaceful world.

We can all make a difference in creating a beautiful peaceful world.

When you peruse PACER’S website, you find a valuable collection of anti-bullying tools: videos, stories, resources (bookmarks, hand-outs, classroom toolkits, a school event planning kit, and more), petitions, news, and sites for kids/teens. As well, a newsletter keeps readers up to date on the activities in October, the month chosen in the U.S.A. for a concerted focus on the anti-bullying agenda.

PACER is an inclusive organization that welcomes others to post their anti-bullying programs in the Champions section on their site, which I have chosen to do. Each Champion entry represents individuals or groups who make concerted efforts to bring focus to the pervasive human activity of bullying. The more we shine light on our negative behavior and make efforts to understand, prevent, and alter our very human propensity for bullying, the more we can hope to create a safe, peaceful, creative world.


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