Heather Bishop Hosts AMYC Barbeque

5 Jun

On Sunday, June 2, 2013, Heather Bishop, renowned singer, songwriter, and painter, hosted her annual barbeque for the grads of “The Art of Managing Your Career.” The barbeque was a celebratory gathering of individuals who had taken the AMYC course, taught by Heather Bishop and offered in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

With Heather Bishop

With Heather Bishop

The premise of AMYC is that artists are often brilliantly trained and self-taught in their disciplines but have little or no training in the critical business aspect of their careers. AMYC addresses this gap, focussing on the need for business training for self-employed artists in all disciplines. The course runs once a week in three hour sessions for thirteen weeks; the workshop style format offers artists the chance to explore a great variety of topics: developing career goals, vision statements, promotion and publicity; social networking; researching; action planning; marketing; financial planning and management; bookkeeping, negotiating; learning about legalities; and completing a business plan. As a self-employed writer, educator, and artist, I found the course inspiring and full of valuable information.

Heading off to the AMYC barbeque, I drove with my daughter, Margaret Eve, (a grad also) down rural roads, past small towns and isolated farm buildings bordered by expansive fields, to Woodmore, our destination.

Dustin Harder at the mike, singing the blues

Dustin Harder at the Mike, Singing the Blues

Jocelyne Mercier Baribeau and Al Simmons Joyfully Accompany Dustin Harder

Jocelyne Mercier Baribeau and Al Simmons Joyfully Accompany Dustin Harder

As the event unfolded, we and other artists were treated to an enchanting time on Heather’s beautiful country property where trees blossomed pink and white and all the forest was greening. We visited and conferred with artists of all disciplines. A bottomless pot of chili bubbled away alongside a table laden with fruits, vegetables, salads, and rolls, for all to share. We had no sooner settled onto lawn chairs than the music fest began. Love songs, comical songs, songs of sorrow floated out to enrapt listeners as ashes flew up from blazing orange flames in the fire pit. Each gifted musician–guitarists, singers, an accordion player, drummers, percussionists, and more–wove their very fine talents into the musical tapestry.

Cheyenne Rae enchants listeners

Cheyenne Rae Enchants Listeners

Jocelyne Mercier Baribeau, alias Madame Diva, captures hearts

Jocelyne Mercier Baribeau, Alias Madame Diva, Captures Hearts

Heather Bishop delights all with her Belly Button song

Heather Bishop Delights All With Her Belly Button Song

Al Simmons Can't Find His Belly Button

Al Simmons Can’t Find His Belly Button

Enrapt Listeners

Enrapt Listeners

Engrossed in the Moment

Engrossed in the Moment

Thoughtful Attention

Thoughtful Attention

Deep Conversation, Dog on Patrol, and a Smiling Daughter

Deep Conversation, Dog on Patrol, and a Smiling Daughter

Heather and her partner Judith opened their home to all. Multi-talented, Heather built the house herself, a true artist’s abode, practical and inspired, with a creative, welcoming ambiance in every nook and cranny. The walls are wood and dark blue and white; an altar with a carved Merlin, an invocation to the Eagle, and other numinous objects holds space beside a long inviting dining table. Heather’s fine art portraits of wide-open loving people of all ages grace the walls. Heather’s and Judith’s home is a testament to the artist’s way, to living the conscious life.

An Artist's Abode

An Artist’s Abode

Spiritually Resonant Portraits by Heather Bishop

Spiritually Resonant Portraits by Heather Bishop

Finally, the sun began to set and as evening came on, we made our way back down country roads, with music, laughter, the company of creative people warming our hearts.

The Sun Sets on a Lovely Day

The Sun Sets on a Lovely Day


4 Responses to “Heather Bishop Hosts AMYC Barbeque”

  1. Eileen Moore June 6, 2013 at 12:23 pm #

    Hi Margaret, its so wonderful to be sharing all of this with you from Ireland! Well done. Love the photos too!.xxx

  2. shawmackinnon June 6, 2013 at 3:12 pm #

    I feel the same way, Eileen! I love your Facebook posts of people, places, art that evoke a sense of the joyful, the mysterious, the spiritual…

  3. mywithershins July 15, 2013 at 12:50 am #

    Looks like you had a wonderful time! I’ve got one of Heather’s audio tapes around here somewhere. My kids loved the Belly Button song! Al Simmons invited my niece to sing on one of his albums after hearing her in a high school musical at the school where his kids attended. The AMYC course sounds like a good one to take. I’ve never been very good at money matters. 🙂

    • shawmackinnon July 15, 2013 at 4:55 am #

      Thanks for the personal anecdotes, Susan! How nice for your niece to sing on the Al Simmon’s album. You’d love the AMYC course! They are accepting applications now.

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