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Autumn at Lake of the Woods

1 Nov
Leaves Like Red Petals

Leaves Like Red Petals


Creative Process

25 Oct
The Writer's Doorstep

The Writer’s Doorstep


14 Jul
In love with the blues...

In love with the blues…

When we have the privilege to return, over years, to the same exquisitely beautiful place, our hearts and minds fill with all the layers of what we have seen. This tree, these bushes, this lake and far shore, this setting sun, these clouds are uniquely wedded to the moment, and yet recognizable as the ever-changing elements of place. The drama of change is endlessly giving to the artist’s eye. Imagine standing here with a loved one, viewing a flaming pink sunset, or a grey wall of rain, or the billions of stars in the night sky. Imagine yourself here in childhood, youth, middle age, old age. To be in the moment in this place, to see and feel, to project and receive love in communion with others, such is the human capacity for fulfillment in the midst of fleeting time.

Sleeping Lovers Dream

14 Jul
On the night of the super moon...

On the night of the super moon…

Modernist Moment

26 Apr
On the Way to the Sky Train

On the Way to the Sky Train

Creative Mess

16 Feb
An Untidy Room Suggests a Tidy Mind...

An Untidy Room Suggests a Tidy Mind…


8 Feb
In the Deep Silence

In the Deep Silence